Week 99–LAST LETTER!!!!

Well everyone….this is the last time I will be writing and it feels really weird because it doesnt feel real but Im excited to see everyone next week! I gave my final testimony yesterday and it was super sad because I love the mission a lot and I had to say a lot of goodbyes but I know that the mission has to end at some point so Im ready to apply what Ive learned from my mission in my life after the mission. This past week was also one for the books! June 8, 2019 I set a record and left my mark in this great mission by doing 105 contacts in 1 day. Absolutely awesome day and it was definently one of perseverance and mental toughness because me and elder colunga had to really fight for that goal. June 9,2019 my convert Juan Jose baptized his mother and his twin and it was such a blessing to see them enter the waters of baptism and I feel so grateful for the opportunity to have found and taught them. This sunday I have another baptism which is  going to be another blessing so I feel really grateful for these tender mercies from the lord. I am so grateful for my mission service and for this second chance that the lord has given me. I have been able to recognize his hand in every aspect of my life and I know that the lord has molded me into a true disciple of him and in a true man. I have seen myself mature and change and I cant even describe the miraculous blessings that I have seen in the lives of the people I have found and taught. I love the lord and the gospel of jesus christ with all my heart and my faith and testimony are the most valuable things I posses. I Love you all…..see you guys in UTAH!  

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