Week 4, I think

<short post>
So this week was a little bit more challenging. I ripped another pair of pants, I got a huge hole in my shoe, I busted my toe, and I'm only allowed to speak Spanish for the rest of the CCM. A guy in our District also went home so we had to wake up super early to help him pack which sucked. He gave away a lot of his stuff which was kinda cool, so I got a lot of candy and hangers from him. Still sad to see him go though. I feel like my Spanish is getting kinda decent but it's still so difficult. Funny thing that happened this week was my buddy's neck hurt so he went to go get some ibuprofen from the nurse and he ended up having to get a shot in his butt. The shot was so strong at first he couldn't move his neck which was super funny. But anyways not much happened this week but I am so ready to get out of the CCM!

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