Week 92-pictures!

Hey everyone!! This week was full of miracles! To start out we had 3 baptisms (Alhan, Oscar, Michael) they are 3 studs who were able to change their lives for the better and the ward leaders have worked shoulder to shoulder with us to make a plan of action for them! They have all been to the temple twice already and they help in every activity and they really feel part of the ward. Their baptismal service was also super awesome because the whole ward showed up to support them because they have been helping the ward a lot and they have been taking upon themselves a lot of responsibilities so the whole ward has grown to love them. It was hilarious because after each one of them left the water they jumped in the water again and they all started swimming together and they were all in tears saying how much they loved one another and how they all wanted to leave on a mission! These young men have grown a lot closer and they are going to be great missionaries soon!! Also this week a venezuelan member invited us to her FHE and we walk in and she saw, ¨Elderes I got 6 people here who arent baptized so have fun with that!¨ SO we were able to teach the lesson to them and after the lesson we were able to set appointments with each and every one of them and they all wanted to take pics with us afterwards hahah. Venezuelans are the best and they make machine members!!! Overall awesome week with lots of other miracles and I couldnt be happier!!

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