Week 91-More miracles!

Hey everyone! This past week was super great with lots of incredible miracles! To start out we have been teaching a young man named reinaldo and he is 22 and his family was baptized about 6 months ago but reinaldo hated the church and he didnt have faith in christ. However on saturday we went by to invite him to church and to pray if he should go and he told us that he would ¨Think about it¨ hahah. So we went to church not expecting him to go but during sacrament meeting he came walking in with a huge smile on his face and we were so stoked! After the meeting he came up to me with tears in his eyes and said, ¨Elder Minor…..I have hated this church for the past 6 to 7 months and I never wanted to participate in this church but I knelt down  and prayed this morning and I felt a burning sensation in my heart and I felt that I can no longer deny the truthfulness of this church…..I must be baptized!¨ I was absolutely stunned and super happy for reinaldo and his decision  to follow christs footsteps. I also feel so privileged to be able to teach him and help him grow his faith. What a blessing from the Lord! Also this week I had divisiones with a couple of Zl´s from the mission and so we were traveling a ton this week but the funniest division was with an elder who is finishing his mission in a couple of weeks and I made him run around with me all day and we were in and out of appointments and contacting really fast and the urgency was just at its peak and we just had a blast!! We got home that night with matching blisters on our feet hahaha. Overall an outstanding week and our two friends who are going to be baptized this week have been machines recently and they have been fasting and praying and reading the scriptures and doing their family history hahah!! These two guys are machines!! 

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