Week 19–let’s knock on the door with fresh bullet holes!

This week was super awesome! It started getting insanely hot this week and we have been in the street all week so I am pretty burnt but we had some really cool experiences this week. First off one of our investigators had been drinking for awhile and he has a baptismal date and we decided to finally visit him and we started talking to him and we had a sincere talk with him and he came outside after with a ton of wine and he told us right there that he would stop drinking! And so we cant wait to see how the lords gonna bless him. Also, I contacted a wacked out guy in the street and he told me he can see angels. I thought that was cool and so I asked him if he could see any and he said he saw a bunch of them but they were dark!! My heart dropped but he told us that there were a couple white ones behind us and I felt the spirit super strong! However the guy was a little too weird so I passed him a pass along card and invited him to the English class at the church. Also this week we found a cool Haitian who lives in a drug dealers house–it was dope cause the door had fresh bullet holes–and so thats when we decided to contact his door and we set a baptismal date with him and he told us yesterday that he had a vision of him holding a book of mormon and wearing church clothes and he was walking with us preaching to people in the street and he told us that he was super happy in his vision and so he has been working really hard lately for his baptism! Anyways this week we were also contacting a street that everyone was super rejecting and they all were super mean about it too. So my companion told me that there might be at least 1 person prepared by the lord on this street and so we contacted every door down the line and we ended up having more success towards the end and I really believe the lord was blessing us for putting forth the effort. After getting rejected for a whole hour it was great to see the little blessings of having more people who were willing to listen. However we did find a jewish lady the other day and she was an absolute savage ahha! She sat there with a smile behind her gate and she was chewing my companion out and she was absolutely questioning everything we had to say and at the end of our little dispute I gave her a book of mormon and gave her a section to read as homework and she told me that she wasnt going to read just the section and that she was going to read ALL of it. And I told her, ¨I dont know I`m nervous for you cause if you read the whole thing you are going to change your religion!¨And she told me it wasnt possible but I told her staright up that I was going to change her and I just promised the blessings that she would receive and we went on our way after that. But anyways this week has been full of work and I cant wait to see the lives to start changing!

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