Week 41-DOG BITE!

Heyyy everyone!!! This week was super fun and one for the books haha! The past week we had nearly every appointment fall so we were literally outside contacting all day which is my favorite! But on thursday there was a soccer game so there wasnt ANYONE outside and no one would answer their door hahahah. I learned a lot of valuable lessons about perseverance and I went home every night absolutely exhausted cause we literally walked around our entire sector everyday hahha. Also….I got bit by my first dog hahaha. It was pretty small but the little sucker bit my finger pretty hard and it was gushing blood but I cleaned it up a little for the photos. Also today for P Day we had a huge basketball tournament against all the best teams in the whole entire mission and me and my team took first place and won the championship!!! Also this week we have literally been eating Pizza everyday and it was good at first but now its just kinda gross haha. Also for a more spiritual story. We were able to find one of our investigatores who is getting close to baptism and we decided to read the book of mormon with her and we read 3 Nefi 11 and as we read we looked over and we saw her marking up her scriptures during the lesson hahaha it was super awesome!! We asked her afterwards what she was highlighting and marking and she told us that she was marking all the scriptures that cleared up some of the doubts and questions that she had in life!! Book of Mormon is true people!!But other than that this week was just full of contacts and trying to find investigatores hahah but I have learned a lot of life lessons and I have definently learned a lot about enduring till the end hahah!!

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