Week 7

*Pictures below are from last 2 weeks in Chile. They include his apartment, companion, restaurant, and people he is teaching*

This week was freaking sick!!! I got my first baptism yesterday which was really challenging cause I still can´t understand the Chileans but he accepted and afterwards he gave us some bread. The spanish out here is super difficult to understand cause it´s really different from normal spanish so it´s been interesting to communicate to people. Also I met a guy counting his bullets while waiting for the bus and he was talking to me really fast while pointing at his bullets and I had no idea what he was saying but my companion was laughing. Also the freaking dogs are so grosss. While waiting outside an inactive members house I got swarmed by 4 dogs and there huge and freaking crazy. Me and my buddies all went to a restaurant today and they sell the biggest completos I´ve ever seen. It was distgusting but it was nice to have something else then bread and butter. My favorite thing out here is when I´ll be standing by my companion and people will start talking about how I´m a gringo and I don´t know spanish and then I´ll say something and they start laughing and I´ll give them a pass along card. So far Chile is pretty sweet and the language is coming but I wish I could just be fluent already.

One thought on “Week 7

  1. Mav, looks like you’re doing awesome and having some great experiences. Keep working hard and follow the Spirit and you’ll have great success.

    Keep posting these awesome stories and pics.

    Love, Uncle P


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