Week 40-whipping a punk newbie into shape

Fun week this week! This week the kids and teenagers were running around shooting and causing havic so we couldnt leave the house for a whole day so that was fun hahah. We had a nerf war and played mini golf all day but that only kept us busy for a little bit haha.  This week we also had mini changes for a day with the new missionaries from the CCM and I just so happened to get put with one of the punk missionaries and I was told to woop him into shape cause he wouldnt listen to anyone. So….. I took his butt contacting all day and I told him real clear that we were consecrated missionaries here and we respect others and the boy learned real fast hahahah. But other than that we also had General Conference!!! it was great and we had a couple key investigatores there so it was amazing!!! Also this week we found a really cool family and the first thing the mom told us was that we only had 15 min. to explain our message and so we thought that was a piece of cake and we taught a short and powerful message and afterwards they were all on the verge of converting right then and there hahaha super awesome and I love how the spirit has the powerful to testify of what we share! But this week has just been full of work and we´ve been seeing more and more miracles through the power of the Book of Mormon. Its crazy to see the people who have been prepared for this gospel and its an even greater blessing to go find them and bless their lives!!

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