Week 36–we ate 121 donuts

Finally seeing the miracles again!!! Summer is finally over in chile and the kids are back in school and people are getting there lives back into order so thats awesome for us! We are finally able to find new people are are willing to progress and who actually live in our sector!! This week one of our investigators couldnt go to church because of work but he saw an activity in the church building later that sunday and he walked in and was chanting forgiveness from the members cause he hadnt been assisting church and all the members were weirded out but they thought it was hilarious haha. Also we contacted a man that we had previously taught and he opened the door without any clothes on and with blood running down his kneck and he said, ¨Wait one moment please!¨-in english ahhaha. Me and my comp were laughing super hard and we ended up staying to teach him and he said he read the book of mormon and that he thought it was true and theres a reason why that book was in his house! Miracles happen people hahah! This week the other elders in the house brought over 121 donuts and we all had a bad day of getting rejected so we ate all of them while listening to some church talks and it was super lit hahah!Its super weird to me how not all families want this gospel….. I just think everyone is ready to hear this message and they usually start swearing at me or something hahha. Anyways this week has been pretty good and we are looking forward to seeing more miracles this March!!

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