Week 16 and 17-Chicken Pox

Sweet I can finally email this week!! Last week a Haitian gave me chicken pox and I was kinda mad but it was super funny. I contacted him in the street and I gave him an abrazo and I looked down at his chest and he had a bunch of blistery things all over and it was sooo gross. It blows cause I couldnt leave the house or anything for a couple of days and so I couldnt email and the week before I had the coolest experiences. So first I was able to give the cutest little girl a blessing for her health because she has been starting to have some really bad health problems and the mother asked me to give it and the blessing started in spanish and ended in english and everone told me afterwards that they didn’t understand me but that they liked the feeling they got and so I kinda laughed and said thanks HAHA. Also I have had an investigator coming to church for awhile but she has been unsure about our church and one day in church I went up to her and started talking to her about her week and she was super happy. The following week we had a lesson with her and the first thing she told me was, “Elder Minor when you came up to me and asked me how I was doing I knew you really cared for me and I know that no other church I have been to does that. I now know that this is the true church!” I felt the spirit so strongly and I was SO stoked cause she finally feels the truthfullness of our message. Also last week I had a strong prompting to go to this beatup green house but as I looked at the gate,there were 5 huge dogs and I wasn’t down to brawl at the moment and so I walked away, But the impression came back and it was even stronger and so I finally went to the gate and I got the living heck bit out of me and I think the man inside heard my calls for help and literally as I was looking down at the ground I saw a leg out of nowhere absolutely send a dog across the street and I thought it was an angel but I looked up and it was a grouchy old man and he came to save me… Bless that man… He absolutley wrecked all the dogs and the guy ended up being really easy to talk to after that and he makes bread and I shared a small message and he gave us bread and we got ourselves another meeting with him! Also an old woman in the street was cooking french fries and I tryed talking to her but she ignored me and I just stood there all akward waiting for a response and she finally looked at me and told me to leave and so I started walking away but my freaking companion stayed and I was shocked and so we just both stood there akward and it was the worst. But she turned to us a second time and she said,¨Andalar Cabros!! If you wanted french fries you should have asked!¨We told her that we weren´t there for frech fries and we quickly explained why we are here and our message and she didn´t accept our message but she gave us some frech fries so I call that a win. So also last week we were walking home really late one night and we walked past some Flaites and they shouted something and my companion looked at me and said something that I didn´t understand but he was pretty nervous and we saw a man running with his pants sagging and he had 2 guys chasing him with knives and my heart dropped and I knew that that was what my companion was so nervous about HAHA. Anyways Yesterday was my first day back from being sick and just my luck it was Halloween and it was so difficult to contact and we had kids with masks on that were super high running around all night and it was freaking lit. Walking home late at night in this huge field we saw a huge bonfire thing and we walked past it and it was just three guys in clokes and fire sticks chanting things and I thought they were some freaking witches or something. But anyways Im super stoked to not be sick anymore and Ive just been loving my Mish.

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