Week 77-Happy New Year!

Hey everyone and happy new year!! This past week was one I will never forget hahha. Straight contacts and sunburns all day haha. This past week the chilean people were partying everyday from christmas till today and nobody wanted to receive us this whole week haha. Therefore we had a pretty long week full of contacts from park to park and we walked what felt like miles each day but I liked it a lot because I got a chance to feel a little bit of what my savior felt when he walked the earth. Also, this week we were in a trio for a day while an elder from our zone was awaiting his new companion and we set a goal to contact the whole morning in some of the ¨Blocks¨ which are kinda like prison cells and we contacted for like 2 hours in the blocks and we wanted to get deeper inside the blocks/prison cells and so we kept walking more inside the blocks and we were quickly stopped by a drugged out dude with a freaking huge gun who was screaming at us hahaha and we were all like, ¨Ya I think we got to go!¨ hahaha. However we left the blocks with a couple of references so it was all worth it haha. Also yesterday for the new year us 3 hopped on to the roof of our house to see the fireworks and we celebrated on the roof and there were firework shows all over santiago that we could see and it was super fun! So overall a good week with lots of hardwork but I am super excited to be done with all these parties so that the people come back to their homes so that we can teach them the gospel hahahha.

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