Week 22-eating rice all week

Què paja locos!! This week was super awesome and this week we started to finally find families! We found a couple families this week that I thought had some real potential and we are super excited to teach them….. they just got to give up alcohol and drugs first. But also this week we were teaching one of our investigators, who lives in a drug trafficers house and the drug trafficer guy always gets mad at us when we show up and his body guard is super sketchy, but we ended up teaching him really late and when we left his room directly down the hall in a dark corner was some guy and he was yelling at us and my heart kinda dropped but I walked past the guy and hoped he wouldnt do anything  and we ended up getting outside without a problem but the same guy in the dark came outside to find us and it turns out to be some high Flaite kid and he had no idea what he was doing so we peaced out real quick. Also this week in the same street we found a drunk guy who told me to come over to him and when I walked over to him he pulled out a little plastic knife and I thought it was kinda funny cause the dude was super lost hahaha we tried to give him some folletos but he wouldnt accept anything. This week we also had a missiorary from the phillipins in the house and he told us he was going to cook us some food from his country and he ended up cooking up all the rice I bought so I was kinda upset at first but we had rice for the rest of the week hahaha. Also for district P day me and my companion decided that we would make sushi as a district and it was freaking dope! It wasnt as good as normal sushi but I think it ended up being fun for everyone haha. And also this week, I was able to do my first baptismal interview for someone and it was just the best experience and it was such a cool opportunity that I was able to do and it was really interesting to see the persons desires to get baptised and the faith that she had. Anyways this week was really awesome and I have been loving Chile lately but the only problem is Christmas isnt that big out here!!

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