Week 1

¡Hola! I finally got my first week done and so much has happened This week has been full of challenges but also filled with many blessings. Arriving in the Mexico City airport me and all my buddies spoke 0 spanish so it was hard getting our luggage. It smelt like cheap perfume and a la carte. The drive to the CCM (MTC) was insane, I have never seen such poverty in my life so it was very humbling to see how people live out here. Also everyone is an insane driver! They make their own lane and everyone is all over the place. I’ve met some awesome guys and we are all so cool with each other so I am very blessed. My compañero is pretty sweet. His name is elder Boody. He’s a pretty cool guy and he’s got a pretty big personality. Me and him got called to be Zone leaders so it’s been pretty stressful. Also it’s very hard to sleep at night cause all you hear are gunshots and ambulances all night. So the CCM has been pretty fun but its also been super stressful and hard. Our second day here we had to give a lesson in spanish to an investigator and it was really bad cause we didnt know that much spanish. For our first week we had a lot of challengin things to do. So here’s a short list. 1.Memorize 210 words 2. Memorize 50 Phrases 3.Memorize 8 scriptures in spanish 4. Memorize the su objectivo. There were a lot of guys stressing out and they were depressed. A lot of boys didn’t think they could stay because we are being asked to do so much. Also no one speaks english so we have to talk with the latinos and they are soooo funny! We play soccer with them some times and they teach me spanish while we play. We have to give lessons everyday also and that may be the hardest thing to do right now because I have so much to say but I don’t know how to say it. Luckily everyone stayed and we are all learning spanish at an insane pace. My spanish has improved so much!! It’s been really challenging but I understand a lot. I dream in spanish every once in a while but it’s super lame cause it’s just a couple of words like compartir or a veces. My favorite thing to do is sing in spanish cause it sounds really cool. So funny thing. One of my language teachers makes pizza at night and the other owns a taco stand so they both compete with each other for business. For all of you who are going to the Mexico CCM. A couple of things, 1. Dont drink with your right hand 2. Don’t ever get the eggs 3. Talk to the latinos and seriously start preparing now. Yo testifico que el Libro de Mormon y el Evangelio es verdadero. José smith fue a proféta de dios. Yo sé que Las familias son eternal. Mediante la fe en Jesucristo nosotros podemes regresar a dios en el nombre de Jesucristo. Amen.

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