Week 71

Another awesome week here in Los Nogales!! Once again we are hitting all the norms and the blessings just keep rolling in. The sector is pure gold and the work is advancing really fast! In fact, this week one of our investigatores stopped smoking and he still hasnt missed 1 sunday at church since the day we met him so we are way excited for him and we are hoping to dunk him pretty soon!!! This week sadly there were changes in the zone so we had to say goodbye to some of our wonderful missionaries in the zone but we got some new missionaries with a lot of energy so we are ready to keep advancing! Today we also had an awesome zone P Day and we had the latinos cook up something good and we all played ping pong, soccer, and spike ball ahha and after we watched finding dory so it was a really fun P Day! Also, this week me and my comp were reading the new testament and we noticed that christ always took advantage of every situaciòn to teach and serve so we decided to put that into practice this past week and we saw many miracles and we were able to teach and find a lot more people and we realized that God puts every person we see in our path for a reason and we discovered that nearly more than half of those people are his chosen sons and daughters. I hope that we may all take advantage of every moment in our life to help share the light of christ and his teachings so that we may help in this great work. Love you all and keep up the great work!!!     

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