Week 89!

Hey Everyone! This past week was full of great news. We had 2 baptisms(Aurelian Sadrac and Maria Alejandra) they are 2 amazing converts and we had to go through a lot with them to get them ready for their baptisms but it was incredible to see the new light on their faces after their baptisms. The water in the baptismal font was freezing cold and it was hilarious because the first words after dunking my buddy Sadrac were, ¨DANG BRO that was freezin…but I feel like a new man!¨ The other great news is that my convert Elizabeth has been preparing herself to go to the temple and today I have the opportunity to accompany her to get her endowment!!!! Awesome news and I feel so priveliged to have met such great people. Also this week we had a ton of friends go to the baptismal service and we were able to talk with each one of them and they all responded, ¨I loved that! I want to prepare myself to do that!¨ Lots and Lots of our friends over here are preparing for their Baptismal dates and I feel super happy to be able to see lives being changed and seeing their faith grow. Definitetly the best perk of being a missionary!

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