Week 62-our Colombian contact is getting married

Hey everyone!! Awesome week full of miracles! To start out, me and my comp found this sweet colombian guy and we put a baptismal date with him in the first visit and in the closing prayer he was so pumped about everything that bore testimony to god that he finally found the right path and after the prayer he told us that he wanted his girlfriend to hear us also and we thought BUENOOO!! So we came back the next day and we were trying to talk to our investigator about marriage before his girlfriend showed up so that he can get baptized and we had been praying for him and before we started the lesson he told us that he had already boughten the rings and that he wants to get married pretty soon!!!! Me and my comp were so excited and we were jumping up and screaming with him and then his girlfriend walked in and she was super confused hahahha. But we hope that we can get them married pretty soon so that we can dunk them under the water pretty soon hahahhaha. The other miracle was that we had contacted a woman with depression and we gave her a blessing and taught her our message and we invited her to pray to find out if this message is true and she responded, ¨God  has never let me down and I know that he will answer my prayer…..come back next sunday and if I let you in…..its true and if I dont let you in……your false.¨ So we came back and we walk into the complex where she lives and she didnt look to happy so that made us nervous but she let us in and we sat down and she looks at me and says, ¨Well…….I did what you said and this entire week I havent felt the effects of my depression and I have been full of light this week so it must be that this is true.¨ FETCH YESSSSS!!! My response was, ¨Will you prepare yourself to be baptized etc…….hahahahahhaha¨ Full of miracles this week but I hope you guys enjoy these stories from this past week. Love you guys and have a great week!!!

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