Week 38! Virgin Maria

This week was super fun and its finally starting to get colder….at night. The people out here are heardening theirs hearts out here so its been more difficult to find new people but we are still looking for those people who are prepared. This week we had a day where all our lessions fell through and we were stuck contacting at 9:30 at night and we came across the virgin Maria!! So we took some photos before the worshipers came by hahahah. We also met a man named Leonardo this week and the first thing he saw to us was that he hated white people and that made my comp pretty mad but we kept the conversation going with him and he was super rude and mean but we later found out that he was in the military when the dictator was running Chile so he was brainwashed to hate us hahahha.Also two of my recent converts are absolutely amazing!!!! They are reading the scriptures everyday and studying the Liahona, and the teenager daughter has a ton of friends in the church and is now dating a member!!! Also one of the members of the seventy knows her personally and he knew her story and everything and added her in his talk during stake conference the other day!!! Super cool to see the gospel change lives!!!

One thought on “Week 38! Virgin Maria

  1. Hi Elder Minor,
    This is your Papa, so glad to hear that you’re doing so well. Your pictures were awesome and you look so happy. There’re many highs and lows on your mission and they’re there to give you strength and humility. “There must be opposition in all things” so never give in to discouragement.

    You’re doing a great work and we are so proud of you and the example you set for the family. Sunday in primary the teacher ask if they had any friends and Nixon said he had friend named Maverick. Grammy said you have a cousin named Maverick and said “oh yea.” It just goes to show that we are thinking of you and praying for you.

    God bless and keep you and keep up the good work,




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