Week 43-it was my 19th birthday!

Absolutely amazing week!!! This past week was one for the books. We had two benches full of investigatores at church, slapped a lot of baptismal dates on people, and we found some very prepared people. I was super happy with the work thhis past week and it was also my birthday on sunday so I ate so much cake with my investagatores and they fed me so much food!! I also had changes this past week and I received my new comp elder weaver from Los Angeles, California. He´s super awesome and wants to work a ton so that makes me super happy. We got put in a ¨White Wash¨ which is when a sector is completely dead and blank. The sector was split up in 2 but now its just one so I´m basically working with 2 sectors right now cause the other missionaries got taken out of there as well hhaha. So I am super excited to work and change the sector back into a progressing sector! I am also back in the ghetto so I have met a lot of funny people haha. Yesterday we walked into the ¨Blocks¨ and there was a ton of gangsters sitting around smoking and me and my comp walked up to them and the gang leader or whatever ran up to us and shouted that the jesus boyz were here hahaha. We started talking with him and he was asking us how much Gucci cost in the United States and he was telling us how he was the chilean wiz khalifa haha. However as we kept talking he become super receptive and he actually gave us a reference hahah but he bolted to his cigarettes and we werent able to teach him hahha. Anyways this week has been super amazing and we are going to be seeing a lot of success soon!!

One thought on “Week 43-it was my 19th birthday!

  1. Elder Minor: Happy Birthday, looks like you had good time with lots of food and friends. You look very happy and like your working hard. We send our love and support with the best wishes for success and safety.

    It’s always good to hear from you and see that your doing well. Everyone is fine here, just staying busy with work and family. The weather has been very nice so far this spring and you yours has been nice there also. You’re not gaining any weight, must be doing a lot of walking.

    We pray continually for your safety and success.

    May the Lord bless you as you serve Him,


    Grandpa Minor



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