Week 18-saving a blind man

Well this week was super awesome!! My companion ended his mission the other day and he left a bunch of stuff behind and now I finally have a blanket!! Also my companion had a ton of dispedias so I decided to go on a division up north with and elder and it was super dope! His companion was ending his mission to but he told me he wasn´t able to work and so when we were together we just contacted the heck out of people. He took me to the plaza and we just walked up to everyone and we had so much success! He told me I needed to use my blonde hair and white skin to my advantage to contact and well…. we ended up getting 5 new investigators that were girls…..but we were going to send the sister missionaries HAHA. Also my companion knew 5 languages!!! And so we went to a meeting with some haitians and I swear it was the most difficult thing cause they would all change the languages in every sentence and it was super hard. Something super awesome this week was that I got a call from the mission president and he told me I was going to be a District Leader!! I was shocked cause I just got done with my training and I had to lead a district now. At the leadership meeting I asked everyone how much time they had in the mission and they all told me around 18 months and so I felt kinda nervous cause I have such little time but I am super stoked! Also I got my new companion!! This guy is the most obedient and hardworking kid I have ever seen and in our first day we just did straight contacts and we had some incredible success with that. We also got super blessed cause we live with the assistents to the president and our district is us, the assistents, and the sister AP´s and so we felt like we were basically ready to convert the world haha. Anyways I also got super blessed to change sectors and I am finally in a nicer area and I can finally walk around and people want to talk to us and smile to us and it is just so great. Also for something spiritual, we had a lot of things happen that were incredible but one story is yesterday we saw a blind man walking to the metro and we decided to go contact him and he began to tell us that we saved his life and I was super confused but he told us that he was going to go jump in front of the train and I flipped out and the dude was crying but we got him some help and set an appointment with him and so we are going to start teaching him pretty soon. Anyways this week was super great and I had a ton of great experiences this week and I am super excited for the work with my new companion!!

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