Week 46-lots of baptismal dates

**Our family had a wonderful time talking with Maverick on Mother’s Day!! His Spanish is incredible and he looks so good!**

This past week was super fun and a pretty typical week for us. We are finding a ton of people, teaching a ton, and throwing down some baptismal dates on people. Lots of miracles here in my sector and I feel super grateful to be here. This week we actually found a hardcore catholic man who loves his jesus and he had expressed his concern with changing religions but he knew we have the correct form of baptism and he desires to have a baptism like jesus so we explained our message about the restored church and the book of mormon and we kept explaining to him that he is able to follow christs footsteps and receive a correct baptism like how jesus did and after I bore my testimony he stops and looks at his card of jesus´s face and he said,¨I Want this…..I cant wait any longer, I just know if I take one step in that water I will be in the saviors hands.¨And I looked at him and threw that B Date on him hahah. Amazing stories and moments over here and I feel bad cause I have a lot more but its hard to explain all of them in such a short time. But so far so good and everything has been going super well!!

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