Week 52-ONE YEAR!!

This week was great! Today I hit 1 year in the mission and I was kinda upset and happy at the same time because I dont know where the time went on the mission. But it was super cool cause today for P day me and my group went up to Presidents house and we had a barbecue and hung out. It felt nice to have a hamburger for the first time in a year! But other than that this whole week has been cold and rainy and full of angry people who are watching the world cup. It makes me laugh every time we contact a door because everyone is watching soccer and they get super mad when they see us at the gate hahha. Also this week my recent convert Manuel got the priesthood and he is super excited to share the gospel and he has been studying the book of mormon a lot and it makes me happy to see his dedication and love for god. Also I have this one investigator who has been progressing a lot and reading the book of mormon and we walk into the appointement and his aunt decided to sit in for the lesson and she asked us about the book of mormon and in a split second our investigaor turned into missionary mode and taught her everything about the book of mormon and the story and where it comes from. And I sat back and was tooken by surprise because he is a 21 yr. old gangster kinda guy and it was cool to see his growing testimony and later he told us that he would love to be a missionary and do what we do and help others learn about christ. Its just so cool to see the gospel bless the lives of those who are willing to search and apply the teachings of christ. Love the mission!

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