Week 56–savage golfer

Wassup a todos!!!! This week was super bakán!!! Me and my comp have been working super hard and we have been finding a ton of new people!! We have also been setting a lot of new baptismal dates which is a huge relief after a week without a B-Date. We actually had a super cool experience last saturday! We entered a huge house of columbians looking for an old investigator that we knew didnt live there but we decided to contact either way and we ended up finding NANCY!!! Nancy is the homie!! We walk in and started a conversation with her and she told  us that she has 1 year in Chile and that for 1 year she had been looking for a church that is just right for her. So we taught her a little bit about what we believe and we invited her to church and she said, ¨I´ll be there!!!¨. And that next morning we stood by the chapel doors and by my surprise she came!!! She was there at 8:40 in the morning and she had a big ol´ smile on her face and right when she walked in she said she felt right at home! Nancy participated in every class and was NOT afraid to raise her hand at any moment hahha. She is a machine! This week we also walked into the house of a future investigator for the first time and right when we sat down he told us, ¨I extremely admire your passion to serve christ! Heck I would get baptized tomorrow just to walk around with you guys all day!¨ HAHAHA This guy has a strong testimony of christ and his greatest desire in this life is to be a mormon missionary and bear testimony of christ all day. Therefore we put a B-Date on him! The only savage remark or rejection we received this week was when we were knocking doors and a woman with gloves and a golf hat came out and said she was too busy to talk to us because she was in the middle of her virtual gold classes hahahhaha. That was the first time Ive heard that hahahha.

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