Week 63

Awesome week!! So this week in chile was like the 4th of july and the chilean people love to celebrate so they have been celebrating for a week staight now! So I have been getting fed a ton of meat and empanadas and its been a blast! The streets however have been EMPTY but we have still been working hard. The only ruff day was sunday and we basically walked around the entire sector for 6 hours in the rain looking for someone to talk to  and my pants ripped hahahahh. But the Lord always provides and the past couple days we have been able to enter some houses and stop a few people in the street which was awesome! As a zone we also had mini divisiones with the MTC missionaries and it was awesome because I took my new comp for a day contacting all day long and we had some success and were able to teach a bunch which was great! Cool miracle of the week-Me and my comp were with a member trying to go to some lessons but plan A,B,C,and D all fell and we were walking in the street and a mom carrying super heavy groceries was behind us and she was struggling a whole bunch so me and my comp decided to help her and she told us that she had walked 2 miles with all of the groceries and she said that she had been praying for help and BOOM then we came!!!! We walked with her for a nice 10 min. to her house and as we arrive to her doorstep she said, ¨I want you guys to come back and teach my family….when can you guys come by?¨ I was like whenever you want fetch ya!!!! So we started teaching a new family and I hope that we can see them in white soon!!! Service blesses lives people!

One thought on “Week 63

  1. Elder Minor:

    Looks like you are working and eating hard. You look happy and like you have done a great work there and we a so proud of you, keep it up.

    Everyone here sends their love and prayers you are such a good example for your cousins and the rest of the family.

    Love ya,




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