Week 97

Hey everyone! This past week was one for the books and it was full of setting personal records! The work has been incredible over here and we have been finding the most prepared families ever!!! One family that stands out is vanessa, victoria, and jose!! They are from venezuela and they have a couple of years here in chile and they have never met the missionaries before but they have always walked past the chapel and apparently their little son has always seen his grandfather who past away in the chapel directing him in!! So once we entered their home and began to teach the restoration it seemed to all make sense to them!! They loved the lesson and committed to come to church on sunday and they came! After church we asked if they liked the reunion and they said that they absolutely loved it!!!! The mom and sister told us that they were in tears the whole meeting and class because they felt the spirit touch their hearts and they said they received a confirmation by the spirit that this is the correct church!!! So cool!! We also found a man named Victor on friday and he didnt seem to interested in the contact but we gave him a church invitation and we thought that we would never see him again but on sunday during the first hour I look back and Victor was sitting down in the back! After the meeting we went up to him and we asked him why he came hahah and he said he didnt even think about coming but he saw the invitation on his bedside and he said that he felt the promptings of the spirit and he got ready really fast and he ran to church to make the reunion hahaha. We set an apointment with him for that same sunday and invited him to be baptized and he accepted the invitation. I love the promptings of the holy ghost! Awesome week full of miracles and lots of new friends to teach!!

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