Week 50-a week of miracles!

Awesome week with a lot of miracles! The work over here has been absolutely insane! We are finding tons of new people and families, reactivating even more families, helping to build family relationships ,and I had one of the best sunday´s of my life…..so this week has been full of seeing the blessings of the gospel in the family. This week we set a goal to raise the church attendance by 15 people and it was a long and stressful process but the lord came through and helped us out a lot! We raised the church attendance by 18 and all of them were investigatores and less active members which was so great!! It was incredible to see the light of christ in each and every one of them and they were all just so happy and it really helped build my testimony about finding gods lost children. It is a blessing to help the fallen get back on the right path and to see the tears shed along the way but in the end god always comes through! Vale la pena!

One thought on “Week 50-a week of miracles!

  1. Elder Minor?
    It is so good to hear about your great success. It’s wonderful to Gods children return home to the gospel. You’re engaged in a great work and The Lord will continue to bless you through those you love and teach.
    We are so proud of of you and we send our love and support, it doesn’t seem you’ve been out so long almost a year.
    Keep up the Lords work.

    Wayne Minor


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