Week 29-hanging with hobos

Whats up! This week was super awesome! First off  me and my buddy started running to the chapel in the morning and doing workout videos and it is the worst but its starting to get a little better hahahha. But also this week one of our golden investigatores went to Youth Conference and she had a great time and made a lot of friends in the church! She also sang in front of everyone and it blew my mind cause there was like 100 kids there so that was awesome! She was also getting ready for her baptismal interview and she told us she was studying until 2:00 in the morning!! She passed her interview and so afterwards her mother made us hamburgers! During the dinner we were talking and the mother told us how much we had helped her to change her life and that now her daughter is on the right path and it really made me happy to see the gospel change their lives and how I was able to be used as an instrument in the Lords hands to find this family. The family is absolutely amazing and I cant wait for their baptism pretty soon! Also this week I contacted this huge family of venzuelans in the street and they had expressed a lot of concerns about their family and how they want to develope a happy family and so that was perfect for us because the message of the Restauraciòn puede bendecir a las personas cachaì!! They are such a good family and hopefully pretty soon we can see a lot of progression. Also me and my buddy champutiz did some dispedidas today and we hung out and went all around our mission and it was super fun cause we were in the freaking fields all day hanging out with the hobos and dirty dogs all day so that was dope hahah! But other than that I`ve been lovin Chile!!  

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