Week 96-WOAH! Read this!

Hey everyone! This past week was a busy one! We have had lots of interviews and goals with lots of missionaries and its been a blast being able to help missionaries achieve their potencial! We have also been putting lots of baptismal dates on our friends and we have been contacting like crazy lately and we are trying to keep the momentum going in the sector! We have also made a calendar to help the mission work a little harder and to go out with a bang with our mission President and this week we have had daily goals such as 30 contacts each day and give out 6 books of mormon and its been truly a blessing and a great help and the whole mission dats went up due to this new initiative so we are super excited and grateful! Also I made a cool finding activity and we had the zone come and lots of members and it was super fun and we split up in three groups- Fisherman, Hunters, and Eagles. And we left with whiteboards, stands, we set up a proyector and played the life of jesus christ movie outside and inside the chapel and I offered to buy the companionship who contacted more people than me a pizza from Papa Johns hahah but I won so I am happy that I didnt have to spend all that money hahahah! All my recent converts helped to contact and they all were able to get a lot of references which was super awesome and they all are machine member missionaries! Also really cool story!! Sunday at 3 in the morning I get a call from a random number and some lady was like super stressed out and screaming and she was saying that her daughter is acting weird and posessed and she asked for help and without responding she said she would be at our house in 5 min. and I was like……¨Holy fetch what is going on!¨ So I told my comps and we all were really nervous and then we heard a car braking super fast around the corner and I get another phone call and she said she was outside and thats when it all sunk in and we were like fetch dudes what do we do!!!! So we offered a prayer and we all recieved an answer that we had to give the chick a blessing. So we went outside and the whole family in the car was shaking with fear and with the bible in their hands and they drove us over to their house and we gave the daughter a blessing while she was kicking and screaming and we blessed the house and each member of the family and it was fetching intense but when we saw the family at church the daughter was completly fine and the family was a lot more calm! We were fetching exhausted hahah but after that experience I realized that I need to always be ready to give a blessing and to be worthy of my priesthood. I dont ever want to be caught off guard  because when the lord calls…I better be the one he calls to bless his children. Cool week and kinda crazy!!

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