Week 42-rock through the bus window

This week was pretty interesting hahah. It was a good week of mostly contacts cause there was another soccer game going on so nobody was home or outside hahah. But this week we also had to do a baptismal interview for some missionaries in my district and on the way back to our house me and my comp were on the bus and a drunk guy got off the bus and started shouting and cursing at the bus driver and the drunk guy got so mad that he picked up a huge stone and chucked it through the window and busted the window and the stone hit the bus driver in the head and busted his head open! We thought the bus driver was knocked out but he got up out of his chair and said, ¨I cant work anymore.¨ So we got off the bus and we were stuck out of our sector for like an extra hour so that was lame. But other than that we have been seeing some cool miracles in the sector and the members are finally giving us some references!!

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