Week 58-hitting a dry spell

Hola!! This past week was one for the books hahah! We have no idea what happened but nearly all of our investigatores left us because they all of a sudden decided that they didnt want to progress so that was a tuff one hahha. So we are starting from scratch and we have been in the streets all day long talking with everyone and we have had very few people accept us but whatev´ I just gotta keep pushing forward smiling about it hahha. Its been funny for me and my comp cause after awhile you just gotta look back and laugh at all the ways they say no to us and we just think its hilarious now. But I know that gods putting us to the test and we are out here to baptize the ¨ESCOGIDOS¨ so I just gotta keep looking for them. But other than that good week and I am looking forward to this new week!!

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