Week 26! El New Year!

This week was super fun!! We have been finding a ton of new people and we have been teaching a lot more people lately. Also one of our investigators has been progressing like crazy and she has been telling us that she wants to bear her testimony in church, serve a mission, and she stopped drinking tea and coffee! Her mom told us that she looks and acts completely different and she thanked us for changing her hahah. Also there has been a guy in our sector that always rejects us when we try to talk to him but last sunday he came to church and I was surprised that he showed up. So I went up to go talk to him and he asked me if I could give him a blessing and it shocked me at first but the blessing ended up being a really cool experience because I feel like my blessings in spanish sound kinda cool and they are improving!! Also we celebrated el new year and we ate a ton of meat and shot silly string and it was super cool! But besides that its just been a really fun week and I have been hating the heat hahha.

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