Week 51

This week was super great and I´ve been seeing a lot of miracles lately. I found some really humbled people and families who were just in need for the gospel of jesus christ and its funny cause the other day I was knocking doors and some angry guy came to the gate and I decided to joke around with him for a bit in order to have him loosen up a bit and he then felt more comfortable with us and then decided to tell us that he was going through a lot of things and that he was looking for a way to relieve himself and feel better and he said to us, ¨Then you guys showed up…… so it must be a sign from god.¨Therefore he let us share a little bit more and we were able to able the teachings of jesus christ to his life and we helped him resolve his doubts and this man looked astonished and we left the house knowing we had brought a new light and hope in his life. Also this week I found some cool venezualens and when we walked into the house for the first time it seemed as if the people started to multiply and they just kept flowing in the room and when we started to teach and share a message with them I looked around the room and I counted 12 people in the room and they were all listening attently as we read the scriptures and it was so awesome to see this family so close and united! I had to stand up and preach as if I was a pastor in church but I felt super powerful and kinda weird. But other than that I found a lot more desperate family´s who were in need and we just so happened to show up at the right time in order to help them. That for me is a testimony builder that as long as I am working hard the lord will place people in my path. God knows his children personally and I feel blessed to share what the lord permits me to share in order to bless his children. 

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