Week 55

Hey everyone!!! This week has been really busy and very success! Me and my comp implemented a new plan in the zone in order to reactive recent converts and find new people at the same time and so far its been success for us and we have been finding new part-member family´s to teach so I am so stoked!! Also we had an awesome P-Day as a zone today and we rented out an indoor soccer field and we played soccer, spikeball, and watched a movie as a zone and it was a ton of fun! The only lame part about the week is that we have been inviting tons of investigatores to be baptized and they have been saying, ¨No…..I dont feel ready but maybe in another year.¨ Therefore we have had to let some people go but it´s just the process of finding the chosen ones so I´m excited to find them. Other than that this week has been pretty great and and we´ve been working hard!

One thought on “Week 55

  1. Elder Minor:

    Looks like you’re doing well. Life is full of challenges and they help to grow in every way. The true measure is how we handle these challenges. It’s easy to be happy when things are doing well and you seem to be handling your challenges quite well.

    It looks like you’re all having a great time at the soccer field, it looks like a nice stadium. I guess soccer is really big down there, it is getting bigger here all the time.

    We miss you and look foreword to seeing you again next July. Keep up the good work, your in our prayer every day.





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