Week 11

This week has been super awesome but something just happened before I logged on this computer today. So I was eating lunch with my companion and a huge fight broke out and one of the guys ended up curb stomping this guys face in and it made my stomach super sick cause his face was smashed in and it was gross. It’s crazy cause no one did anything and the security guards didn’t do anything or even flinch so I was a little nervous afterwards. I think he ended up killing him cause they just dragged his body outside and left him outside and I just feel so awful for him. Anyways this week was super fun cause it was kind of like the 4th of July for Chileans. However the way they celebrate is by getting insanely drunk in the morning and then at night they just start fighting and causeing trouble so it’s been kinda unsafe in the streets lately. But the food has been really good and we’ve just been eating strait barbeque this whole week. Also I had a huge Fiesta with my ward and we played a lot of their traditional games and we learned their dances so it was super fun and I don’t have all the pictures right now but I’ll have some next week. Anyways Chile has been super fun and definently super exciting!

One thought on “Week 11

  1. Maverick, this is Gramma Cheri. We are in Anapolis, Maryland for a vacation with Gordon’s cousin & his wife (non members). Love reading your emails. So glad your mission is going well. Nice that you have had success in teaching the Gospel. Tragic about the man getting his face smashed. I think TV & movies teach people to be bystanders and watch without helping. I would think the police there would have done something.. Uncle Steve was in Hondurous & said there were guards on corners on Tegucigalpa with machine guns.. He heard gun fire every night. Scary. You are in our prayers. What a wonderful experience for you to be on your mission. You have such a positive attitude. What a great outlook. Think of you a lot. Pray for you daily. Love, Gramma Cheri.

    This is Grampa Gordon, we love your e-mails indicating your mission activities. Your last email telling about that fight you observed was interesting and a little scary for you. Remember to be careful. Your family is doing great. We all miss your great happy personality. We are on the east coast visiting my cousin. Going to the Navy football game this pm. Should be fun. Corbin is doing well at school. I am so proud of you, as it is not easy to leave family for 2 yrs however, just think of the impact you can have on individual lives of people in Chile. Tell us about the type of foods you are eating.


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