Week 34-I had a baptism!

Hola amigos! I got another baptism!! We had the baptism of Elizabeth this week and she was super prepared and such an amazing person who had real desires to serve the lord! Also this week one of our investigatores has been reading the book of mormon a whole bunch and during our lesson the other day he kept on throwing out random refrences about stories in the book of mormon and it was hilarious cause we also asked him for a refrence and he pointed to some drunk lady and said, ¨That lady´s heart is as hard as lamàn y lemuel so be like Nephi and try to help her change her ways¨ and we both started laughing cause no one understood that in his family besides us haha. We also had the chance to read 2 Nephi 31 with him and after reading he told us that THIS was the path that he needs to take! So we are super excited for this guy. This week was also full of contacting and it has been so fun! We started leaving right after lunch and we dont  come home till 10 at night and its great but also almost all of our investigatores are on vacation so contacts are the only option right now hahaha. Also today we had a huge soccer tournament against the missionaries from Argentina and it was super difficult but I was able to score a GOAL!!! Everybody shouted and cheered USA and it was the best moment of my gringo life haha.  

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