Week 45-no pictures:-(

FYI in FOUR DAYS I get to Skype with Maverick!! Mother’s Day cannot come fast enough!

This week has been so amazing!! I´m on the brink of seeing so much progress here in my new sector and this past week has been full of work!. We got the ward moving a bit and we are helping less active members through their reactivation process which is amazing!! I´ve been finding a whole lot lately also which is really cool to see and I feel so blessed to be able to find these prepared people! We actually had a lesson with a man named ¨Checko¨ this past week and we had an amazing lesson with him but we didnt feel prompted to invite him to be baptized but after the closing prayer he stopped us and he said, ¨Wait I got one question…. Can I be BAPTIZED in your church or is that not allowed?¨ hahahhahah I was stunned hahah. But other than that story the rest of the week went the same way and I have been many tears shed and hearts softened as I share the doctrine of christ with these beloved people. I am just grateful that God gives me the opportunity to help and find these beloved souls who have been prepared!

One thought on “Week 45-no pictures:-(

  1. Elder Minor:

    Sounds like you are doing a great work in your area. Your stories are wonderful, faith promoting and so your desire to serve the Lord as you serve the Lords children in Chile. We’re so proud of you and the example you’re setting for your friends and family.

    We love you and pray for you everyday and look forward to your messages each week. Everyone is doing fine here just staying busy at work and serving in the Lord’s Kingdom.

    May the Lord’s blessing be over you and your companion keeping you safe and opening the hearts of the souls you reach out too every day.





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