Week 28-Haitian trap music and BBQ!

Wazzup! This week was super great and really hot. But one of my haitian investigators made us food the other week cause I gave their son a blessing and boyyyyyyy we were eating so good!! I was sitting at a table with 6 haitians eating some really spicy food and there was some haitian trap music in the back and it was so dope!! They tried telling us that their music brought the spirit but when the time came to teach them we showed them a really cool song, ¨Mormon Tabernacle Choir¨ HAHHAA. They didnt like it to much hahaha. Also my favorite investigator family finally went to church and today they made us a hugge barbeque for P day and it was so dope!! We ate so well and they gave us leftovers so I am super happy haha! Also this week I was walking in the park and we saw a nice young couple sitting in the grass and my comp told me to contact them so I told him yeah why  not and he was shocked and said that he was just kidding hahah. But they were the nicest couple I have ever met and so receptive! We talked to them for an hour and I gave them a book of mormon and they were so excited so I am so excited to see them progress hopefully!! Anyways this week has been great and I am so excited for our new prophet!!

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