Week 98-Mission Leadership Conference

Hey everyone! Super busy past week but full of miracles! We had our mission leader conference this week and me and my comp gave a presentation on changing our mentality and continually progressing and it was super good and we feel like the mission is going to start pushing itself a little bit harder now. Also one of my favorite friends that we are teaching just got back from peru and her first words were, ¨I am ready to be baptized!¨ So stoked for her baptism this sunday with her son carlos who is the twin of my convert juan jose who got baptized last month. SO COOL!!! This week I also had divisiones with some zone leaders and they seemed to have  trouble finding new people to teach so I went over to their sector and I set a goal with the elder to contact 100 people in 1 day! Overall good goal but it was kinda hard to achieve with all the appointments we had hahah. Sadly we only got 30 and we werent able to achieve our goal but we filled out a page of futures which was super awesome and they were mostly families so I hope they are able to get some baptisms over there!! Also yesterday we had an awesome miracle!! We were contacting in some apartment buildings and we knocked on a door and out came a wonderful girl named alejandra and her mother paula! We began to talk and laugh with them and they later invited us in and we shared a message with them and the mother began to cry and she was telling us about how grateful she was for us for finding her in her time of need. It was such a beautiful moment and we were able to schedule a return visit with the family. Awesome week with lots of contacts and lots of new families to teach!!

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