Week 23–spirits in the alarm sensor?

This is Lisa, Maverick’s mom. Do these posts make you crack up as much as I do? OMG the Haitians !!! Stay safe Mav😆

Well this week was super fun!! Its been super hot lately and it hasnt been fun contacting lately hahah. But this week we found some Peruvians and they are just so cool and the mom has been dieing to cook for us so she made us a ton of food from Peru and she invited a ton of people over so it ended up being really cool cause we ended up teaching all of them after the meal haha. Also in the last meeting with her she invited a friend over and we started teaching her and I gave her a Book of Mormon and she wouldnt accept it at first and I asked her why and she said, ¨Sorry I just dont have any money for the book!¨ and me and my comp started laughing and said it was free and after that she got really excited and she asked us if we could take pictures with her and it was so funny cause she was totally showing off the Book of Mormon in every picture and so we are super excited to see what she would do in her baptism fotos one day hahaha. Also this week we were teaching and old man about the spirit world and as we started teaching, he told us that the light on the alarm censor in the corner of his room goes off when there´s spirits in the room and me and my companion looked up and the freaking light turned on and we flipped out! In the moment I hoped that they were the good spirits so I ended that lession with a baptismal invitation and hoped the spirit would open his heart and testify or something hahha! Also this week we were sitting in a haitian house where a drug trafficer lives and as we sat down in the investigators room we saw that the locks in his room were all broken and he told us that some guy that lived in the same room got carried away in the middle of the night and immediately after he told us that we heard some Haitians screaming in Creole and he ran outside and we started hearing more screaming. Me and my comp sat in his room awkwardly for 20 min. hoping he would come back, but I was kinda curious so I went to go see what was happening and as I open the door there was 15 haitians screaming and fighting and it was fetching dope in the moment but I shut the door and told my comp that we should probably leave. However our investigator came back and we taught him about the commandments like nothing happened outside hahahha. Anyways everything has been super fun out here and I am absolutely loving it here!! Nos vemos cabros!!

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