Week 85

Awesome week! This past week went by really fast and the missionary work was solid. We are still hitting double  and we have been trying to find new and creative ways to find people. So this past week we asked some members to lend us some bikes so that we can work faster and get more done and when we showed up to pick up the bikes I got a pink bike with a neon green helmet and my comp got a sick black bike hahah I thought to myself…..we cant get more creative than this hahah. So we drove around all over the sector finding new people and contacting everyone in the street while we were on our way to our appointments and we were able to teach all of our friends in members houses so it was super effective and the members were able to befriend all of our friends so it was great and they all came to church on sunday!!! Also I found some glasses this week and my comp calls them our waxdoble glasses so we bring them all over the place so that we can get motivated and so if you see lots of goofy pics of us thats why hahaha. And we also had a baptism this week of a young boy we are teaching named Pancho and he is a stud and he got the priesthood on sunday and is super excited to serve!!!

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