Week 95!

Hey everyone! This past week was really awesome and it was full of baptismal services and miracles! This past week we baptized Reinaldo and Luis and they are machines!! We also were able to find a ton a people this past week which is great and we put on a lot of new baptismal dates so the sector is still booming! We also had leadership meetings and I talked a lot about leaving a legacy and doing the impossible and about raising the bar and so I have been super motivated to achieve things that no one else has in the history of the mission so we have been working with even more urgency and its been a blast! We have also had lots of divisiones so to celebrate every night I have made macarroni Arepas hahaha which is a venezuelan food with an american twist on it hahha. Overall everything has been good over here and the hand of lord is definently manifested in the work over here!!!

One thought on “Week 95!

  1. Great job, your doing what the Lord wants all of his children to do and be. You’re setting bar for others to reach for many years to come. Keep up the pace you’re such a great example for all of us.
    We love you and pray for you every day.
    May God bless you and keep you safe.

    Wayne Minor


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