Week 39-Breaking Goals!

Wassup!!! This week was super cool!! Super hot in the street but the miracles were still there. Lots of contacts this week which is my favorite cause I get to talk to a lot of people and so we just went to the Plaza and we walked up to anyone who wasnt smoking weed haha. we ended up finding some cool parents and families but they all told us that we couldnt come by there house to teach them which is always a heartbreaker haha! Also I was able to visit my favorite Peruvian family and it was a crazy miracle cause the druggy son and his girlfriend sat in for the lesson and we gave a powerful lesson and afterwards the girlfriend asked us to heal her and me and my comp looked at each other and we decided to give her a priesthood blessing and it was a great experience and the room filled with the spirit and love of christ…We came back the next day and she was healed. It was an amazing experience to see the power of the priesthood work miracles. This week we were also super blessed  to have a couple golden investigatores in church finally and they all loved the experience and actually after church one of them came up to us and said, ¨You guys remember how I told you I was looking for a good path for me and how I havent found it yet……..Well I received my answer…..this is the path I was looking for!!!!¨It was an incredible experience and I am so happy that she found her path!! This week I took a brand new elder on his first division this week and he was with me in my sector and it was such a great day! We acheived all our goals and we broke my record for most contacts in one day hahhaah……the elder came home exhausted and collapsed in his bed after that day hahah………..Youre welcome elder. The next day my comp and his comp were doing a service so I took the elder contacting again at the crack of dawn and the kid was walking around like a zombie as we left the house. Well……..the Lords work never rest and neither should we haha.

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