Week 99–LAST LETTER!!!!

Well everyone….this is the last time I will be writing and it feels really weird because it doesnt feel real but Im excited to see everyone next week! I gave my final testimony yesterday and it was super sad because I love the mission a lot and I had to say a lot of goodbyes but I know that the mission has to end at some point so Im ready to apply what Ive learned from my mission in my life after the mission. This past week was also one for the books! June 8, 2019 I set a record and left my mark in this great mission by doing 105 contacts in 1 day. Absolutely awesome day and it was definently one of perseverance and mental toughness because me and elder colunga had to really fight for that goal. June 9,2019 my convert Juan Jose baptized his mother and his twin and it was such a blessing to see them enter the waters of baptism and I feel so grateful for the opportunity to have found and taught them. This sunday I have another baptism which is  going to be another blessing so I feel really grateful for these tender mercies from the lord. I am so grateful for my mission service and for this second chance that the lord has given me. I have been able to recognize his hand in every aspect of my life and I know that the lord has molded me into a true disciple of him and in a true man. I have seen myself mature and change and I cant even describe the miraculous blessings that I have seen in the lives of the people I have found and taught. I love the lord and the gospel of jesus christ with all my heart and my faith and testimony are the most valuable things I posses. I Love you all…..see you guys in UTAH!  

Week 98-Mission Leadership Conference

Hey everyone! Super busy past week but full of miracles! We had our mission leader conference this week and me and my comp gave a presentation on changing our mentality and continually progressing and it was super good and we feel like the mission is going to start pushing itself a little bit harder now. Also one of my favorite friends that we are teaching just got back from peru and her first words were, ¨I am ready to be baptized!¨ So stoked for her baptism this sunday with her son carlos who is the twin of my convert juan jose who got baptized last month. SO COOL!!! This week I also had divisiones with some zone leaders and they seemed to have  trouble finding new people to teach so I went over to their sector and I set a goal with the elder to contact 100 people in 1 day! Overall good goal but it was kinda hard to achieve with all the appointments we had hahah. Sadly we only got 30 and we werent able to achieve our goal but we filled out a page of futures which was super awesome and they were mostly families so I hope they are able to get some baptisms over there!! Also yesterday we had an awesome miracle!! We were contacting in some apartment buildings and we knocked on a door and out came a wonderful girl named alejandra and her mother paula! We began to talk and laugh with them and they later invited us in and we shared a message with them and the mother began to cry and she was telling us about how grateful she was for us for finding her in her time of need. It was such a beautiful moment and we were able to schedule a return visit with the family. Awesome week with lots of contacts and lots of new families to teach!!

Week 97

Hey everyone! This past week was one for the books and it was full of setting personal records! The work has been incredible over here and we have been finding the most prepared families ever!!! One family that stands out is vanessa, victoria, and jose!! They are from venezuela and they have a couple of years here in chile and they have never met the missionaries before but they have always walked past the chapel and apparently their little son has always seen his grandfather who past away in the chapel directing him in!! So once we entered their home and began to teach the restoration it seemed to all make sense to them!! They loved the lesson and committed to come to church on sunday and they came! After church we asked if they liked the reunion and they said that they absolutely loved it!!!! The mom and sister told us that they were in tears the whole meeting and class because they felt the spirit touch their hearts and they said they received a confirmation by the spirit that this is the correct church!!! So cool!! We also found a man named Victor on friday and he didnt seem to interested in the contact but we gave him a church invitation and we thought that we would never see him again but on sunday during the first hour I look back and Victor was sitting down in the back! After the meeting we went up to him and we asked him why he came hahah and he said he didnt even think about coming but he saw the invitation on his bedside and he said that he felt the promptings of the spirit and he got ready really fast and he ran to church to make the reunion hahaha. We set an apointment with him for that same sunday and invited him to be baptized and he accepted the invitation. I love the promptings of the holy ghost! Awesome week full of miracles and lots of new friends to teach!!

Week 96-WOAH! Read this!

Hey everyone! This past week was a busy one! We have had lots of interviews and goals with lots of missionaries and its been a blast being able to help missionaries achieve their potencial! We have also been putting lots of baptismal dates on our friends and we have been contacting like crazy lately and we are trying to keep the momentum going in the sector! We have also made a calendar to help the mission work a little harder and to go out with a bang with our mission President and this week we have had daily goals such as 30 contacts each day and give out 6 books of mormon and its been truly a blessing and a great help and the whole mission dats went up due to this new initiative so we are super excited and grateful! Also I made a cool finding activity and we had the zone come and lots of members and it was super fun and we split up in three groups- Fisherman, Hunters, and Eagles. And we left with whiteboards, stands, we set up a proyector and played the life of jesus christ movie outside and inside the chapel and I offered to buy the companionship who contacted more people than me a pizza from Papa Johns hahah but I won so I am happy that I didnt have to spend all that money hahahah! All my recent converts helped to contact and they all were able to get a lot of references which was super awesome and they all are machine member missionaries! Also really cool story!! Sunday at 3 in the morning I get a call from a random number and some lady was like super stressed out and screaming and she was saying that her daughter is acting weird and posessed and she asked for help and without responding she said she would be at our house in 5 min. and I was like……¨Holy fetch what is going on!¨ So I told my comps and we all were really nervous and then we heard a car braking super fast around the corner and I get another phone call and she said she was outside and thats when it all sunk in and we were like fetch dudes what do we do!!!! So we offered a prayer and we all recieved an answer that we had to give the chick a blessing. So we went outside and the whole family in the car was shaking with fear and with the bible in their hands and they drove us over to their house and we gave the daughter a blessing while she was kicking and screaming and we blessed the house and each member of the family and it was fetching intense but when we saw the family at church the daughter was completly fine and the family was a lot more calm! We were fetching exhausted hahah but after that experience I realized that I need to always be ready to give a blessing and to be worthy of my priesthood. I dont ever want to be caught off guard  because when the lord calls…I better be the one he calls to bless his children. Cool week and kinda crazy!!

Week 95!

Hey everyone! This past week was really awesome and it was full of baptismal services and miracles! This past week we baptized Reinaldo and Luis and they are machines!! We also were able to find a ton a people this past week which is great and we put on a lot of new baptismal dates so the sector is still booming! We also had leadership meetings and I talked a lot about leaving a legacy and doing the impossible and about raising the bar and so I have been super motivated to achieve things that no one else has in the history of the mission so we have been working with even more urgency and its been a blast! We have also had lots of divisiones so to celebrate every night I have made macarroni Arepas hahaha which is a venezuelan food with an american twist on it hahha. Overall everything has been good over here and the hand of lord is definently manifested in the work over here!!!

Week 94!!!

Hey everyone!! This past week was super great!!! We finally got JAMES and ROSE married and baptized!!! We have been waiting 3 months for this and they have stayed faithful and determined and I am so happy for them! We were able to find them a new comfortable house, james stopped drinking, and Rose stopped hating the church and got to get to know the church and read the book of mormon!!!! Awesome baptism and awesome wedding! We were also able to find a TON of new people and families this week which was super great! We found this inactive mom named goodalis and she is raising her 2 kids who have about my age and they were all super nice and when we showed up to the door she´s like….how did you guys know I lived here…..because I really wanted to come back to church?!!! So she is super great!!! Also we found a really cool lady named Maryluisa and she has been a jehovas witness and an evangelical so shes got quite the religious background and we were able to teach her inside the chapel for the first lesson and she commented to us that she has always been looking for inner peace and happiness because she suffers from depression and no religion has satisfied her. But after sharing with her she began to feel the spirit and she said she finally felt at home! We invited her to be baptized and she came to church and she commented that for 3 days straight she didnt feel the pain from her ilnesses she has and she took that as her answer that this is the true church!!!! Also at church my converts are blessing and passing the sacrament and juan jose bore his testimony on sunday and it was super powerful!!! Lots of good things happening over here and I couldnt be happier!!! Also me and my comp got a new missionary this week so we will be in a trio for this last change which will be a blast!! 

Week 93–can you believe MORE baptisms?!

Hey everyone! Awesome past week with a great baptism! Our friend Juan Jose got baptized and he loved it a lot and his family did too! After his baptismal service his twin brother and his mom both received a confirmation from the spirit that they needed to be baptized! We passed by the next day and the mom told us that she had a dream and she was in white and she was happy and she was standing in front of our chapel and she said that me and my comapnion were standing at her side and we were guiding her into the waters of baptism! So her and her son both have baptismal dates now! Another miracle that was super awesome was when we met a man named LUIS!!! Me and my comp were in the chapel setting up for an activity and luis walked in and his first words were, ¨Hey elderes! I am an investigator and I want to be baptized….Can you guys baptize me?¨ We were like….Fetch yes we can hahahah!!!! He came to church the next day and he said he finally felt at home and he loved the church service!!!! The lords work is moving forward!!! Also 4 converts of mine got the priesthood this sunday and we were able to do divisiones with them and they are machines!!! They all teach super well and testify with all their hearts and they invite all their friends to learn about the gospel! ZION PROSPERS!!!!!! 

Week 92-pictures!

Hey everyone!! This week was full of miracles! To start out we had 3 baptisms (Alhan, Oscar, Michael) they are 3 studs who were able to change their lives for the better and the ward leaders have worked shoulder to shoulder with us to make a plan of action for them! They have all been to the temple twice already and they help in every activity and they really feel part of the ward. Their baptismal service was also super awesome because the whole ward showed up to support them because they have been helping the ward a lot and they have been taking upon themselves a lot of responsibilities so the whole ward has grown to love them. It was hilarious because after each one of them left the water they jumped in the water again and they all started swimming together and they were all in tears saying how much they loved one another and how they all wanted to leave on a mission! These young men have grown a lot closer and they are going to be great missionaries soon!! Also this week a venezuelan member invited us to her FHE and we walk in and she saw, ¨Elderes I got 6 people here who arent baptized so have fun with that!¨ SO we were able to teach the lesson to them and after the lesson we were able to set appointments with each and every one of them and they all wanted to take pics with us afterwards hahah. Venezuelans are the best and they make machine members!!! Overall awesome week with lots of other miracles and I couldnt be happier!!

Week 91-More miracles!

Hey everyone! This past week was super great with lots of incredible miracles! To start out we have been teaching a young man named reinaldo and he is 22 and his family was baptized about 6 months ago but reinaldo hated the church and he didnt have faith in christ. However on saturday we went by to invite him to church and to pray if he should go and he told us that he would ¨Think about it¨ hahah. So we went to church not expecting him to go but during sacrament meeting he came walking in with a huge smile on his face and we were so stoked! After the meeting he came up to me with tears in his eyes and said, ¨Elder Minor…..I have hated this church for the past 6 to 7 months and I never wanted to participate in this church but I knelt down  and prayed this morning and I felt a burning sensation in my heart and I felt that I can no longer deny the truthfulness of this church…..I must be baptized!¨ I was absolutely stunned and super happy for reinaldo and his decision  to follow christs footsteps. I also feel so privileged to be able to teach him and help him grow his faith. What a blessing from the Lord! Also this week I had divisiones with a couple of Zl´s from the mission and so we were traveling a ton this week but the funniest division was with an elder who is finishing his mission in a couple of weeks and I made him run around with me all day and we were in and out of appointments and contacting really fast and the urgency was just at its peak and we just had a blast!! We got home that night with matching blisters on our feet hahaha. Overall an outstanding week and our two friends who are going to be baptized this week have been machines recently and they have been fasting and praying and reading the scriptures and doing their family history hahah!! These two guys are machines!! 

Week 90!

Hey everyone! Awesome week and general conference was awesome! We brought a lot of friends to the conference and they all seemed to love it! Little by little their testimonies are growing even stronger. After the first session of general conference me and my companion took some of the new missionaries and their trainers out to do something called an ¨80 contact blitz¨! 80 contacts in 1 hour and we did it to get rid of the fear of talking to new people. So I took one of the new elderes and I took him all over the place and MAN IT WAS FUN!!! After completing the goal we went back to conference and we were both exhausted but super happy to be able to get to know so many people! We also had the chance to help with the interviews with all the missionaries in San Miguel(my old zone) and we went with prez traveling to everyone`s pensiones and it was super fun! All the sister missionaries baked something sweet so we got to snack on a lot of goodies hahah. Lots of contacts this week and lots and lots of miracles!!