Week 93–can you believe MORE baptisms?!

Hey everyone! Awesome past week with a great baptism! Our friend Juan Jose got baptized and he loved it a lot and his family did too! After his baptismal service his twin brother and his mom both received a confirmation from the spirit that they needed to be baptized! We passed by the next day and the mom told us that she had a dream and she was in white and she was happy and she was standing in front of our chapel and she said that me and my comapnion were standing at her side and we were guiding her into the waters of baptism! So her and her son both have baptismal dates now! Another miracle that was super awesome was when we met a man named LUIS!!! Me and my comp were in the chapel setting up for an activity and luis walked in and his first words were, ¨Hey elderes! I am an investigator and I want to be baptized….Can you guys baptize me?¨ We were like….Fetch yes we can hahahah!!!! He came to church the next day and he said he finally felt at home and he loved the church service!!!! The lords work is moving forward!!! Also 4 converts of mine got the priesthood this sunday and we were able to do divisiones with them and they are machines!!! They all teach super well and testify with all their hearts and they invite all their friends to learn about the gospel! ZION PROSPERS!!!!!! 

One thought on “Week 93–can you believe MORE baptisms?!

  1. Elder Minor:

    Great pic’s, great report and awesome to see the miracles happen while in the service of the Lord and our fellow man, keep it up.


    Papa Minor



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