Week 90!

Hey everyone! Awesome week and general conference was awesome! We brought a lot of friends to the conference and they all seemed to love it! Little by little their testimonies are growing even stronger. After the first session of general conference me and my companion took some of the new missionaries and their trainers out to do something called an ¨80 contact blitz¨! 80 contacts in 1 hour and we did it to get rid of the fear of talking to new people. So I took one of the new elderes and I took him all over the place and MAN IT WAS FUN!!! After completing the goal we went back to conference and we were both exhausted but super happy to be able to get to know so many people! We also had the chance to help with the interviews with all the missionaries in San Miguel(my old zone) and we went with prez traveling to everyone`s pensiones and it was super fun! All the sister missionaries baked something sweet so we got to snack on a lot of goodies hahah. Lots of contacts this week and lots and lots of miracles!!

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