Week 20-hey, let me tell you a joke

Well this week was amazing and I have definently seen the Lords hand in the work. So the other day we were walking home really late and its really hard to contact at night but as I came across this one house and I had a strong impression to contact it but I just kept walking for a bit. As I came to the end of the gate my heart started burning and I couldn’t breath and I knew I had to turn back. I turned back and I shouted for someone and no one came out. After 2 min. of waiting we were about to turn back but a lady came out to feed her dogs and we ended up talking to her and it was great. She told us she knew a little about Josè Smith and the book of mormon and so I was about to teach about the Restauraciòn but I had an impression not to but I didnt know why. She continued to talk to us and she told us that her parents and brothers had passed away and she wanted to know if they were ok and free of pain and then my heart started to burn again and I knew what I was supposed to talk about. I shared my knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and my experiences and she was interested in hearing more so we told her we would come back and the next lesson was absolutely amazing and she is starting to develop and interest in the church! Also we have been having a hard time finding new people this week and we have been working really hard and so we started contacting every door down the line in every neighborhood and the first day was the most challenging cause after 5 hours we finally found someone prepared by the Lord to hear our message! The man yelled at us from his second floor window asking us what we wanted and I told him we were there to tell him a joke and he smiled and I told him I was a gringo missionary and after I told him that he came running down his stairs and ran outside to come talk to us and it turns out he knows English!! We talked to him for an hour and it ended up being an amazing conversation and he told us that it was about time he came closer to God again!! Later I ended up finding his name on the list of old investigators and aparently he was super rejecting in 2012 and he didnt want anything to do with the church. But anyways this week has been eventful and a lot of other things happened this week but the computer I was sitting at gave me a virus and so I have had to write this email twice now hahaha. But it has been super cool to see the Lords hand in the work lately and I cant wait to see more miracles and sorry I cant put all the stories in this week, there were too many to write and I dont have much time! Happy Thanksgiving from Chile!!

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