Week 72

Dog bites, contacts, and all day in the sun hahaha just a typical week here in chile. We have been dedicating a lot of time for finding new people to teach and we have seen a lot of miracles! The other day we found an inactive member that hasnt spoke to missionaries for 10 years and when we found her she said, ¨How did you guys find me?¨ She said that she received signs and answers that she should come back to church and we just so happened to contact her the day after she received her answers!! She is so wonderful and even after so many years she has a powerful testimony! This week 2 of our investigatores also passed their baptismal interviews so this saturday we will have 2 baptisms and we are super excited!! Also this week I contacted a haitian named TIGA and he let us in his house and he introduced us to some other haitians in the house and we sat down in his house and we started to teach them and me and my comp started sweating bullets because they didnt have windows and they had the stove on and it was a hot summer day and we just started to melt in our seats and it smelt awful in the house and only one of the haitians understood spanish and the others didnt but they still paid attention ahhaha. So I wipped out my creole pamphlet and I just picked out key words in the lessons and started to try my best to speak creole with them and use hand signals and I swear I got the biggest headache after that lesson hahahahha…….I hope that I at least explained the importance of a restoration hahaha. Overall really good week and we are even more excited for the baptisms coming up this saturday!!

One thought on “Week 72

  1. Dear Elder Minor:

    Enjoyed your letter very much. Sounds like a wonderful week. You’ve got to be careful around those dogs. It is marvelous how you found the woman who had been inactive for so long, what a blessing.

    We’re all doing fine and looking foreword seeing Corbin and Maggie right after Christmas in Vail. I think they are coming here a couple of days early so that will be great. We had a great Thanksgiving last week we are so much it almost made me sick. I keep forgetting the weather is reversed down there and that it summer.

    Everyone is already getting ready for Christmas man how the time flies. We think of you every day and pray for your health and strength. Keep up the good work and keep the spirit with you.

    God bless you and your companion,

    Papa Minor



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