Week 2


Hey everyone! This week has been really great! As a zone leader I got to meet all of the new kids and I love meeting each and everyone of them. Also I know some Spanish! I have 300 words memorized, a ton of phrases memorized, and my lessons are freaking bomb. My teacher had me read something in English and it was the most difficult thing. Which I feel like is a good thing. Also my favorite Latino’s left this week and I was super bummed. We played one last game of soccer and the night they left they were banging on our door at 2 a.m.  to say goodbye. So since they left me and my boys have been looking for another group of Latino’s to hang out with and practice our Spanish. Also today I did a session in the Mexico City temple and it was so cool cause it was all in Spanish and I could understand most of it. Something funny this week is I’ve gained 10 pounds and I never thought it would be possible. So at the start of class on Monday I kneeled down to say the prayer and the side of my favorite dress pants ripped…..sorry mom….also my shoes have holes in them…..sorry again mom. So the CCM has been a blast so far and I feel truly blessed to be doing the lords work right now. I couldn’t ask for a better time.

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