Week 31–never a coincidence

Well this week was so awesome!! Me and my new comp have been seeing a ton of miracles lately and it just wont stop. First off we found this lady named Fernanda and we found her at her doorstep and we started to talk to her and she felt kind of down and depressed but we shared the Plan of Salvation and she started crying for the whole 30 min. we were sharing and it was such a great experience and the spirit was so strong and afterwards she asked us why we came by her house, out of all the houses on the street, because we just so happened to come right on time to stop her from doing something really bad. We were blown away and we told her that nothing is by coincidence and that the Lord always has a plan to bring his children peace and happiness. The rest of the week we just kept seeing more miracles and we started finding more families and we are so excited!! Also on sunday my new convert bore testimony about her experience at EFY and she told every that she received an answer……about serving a mission!!!!!! So she bore testimony that she wouldnt let anything stand in her way to stop her from serving a mission!!! We have also been having almost all our investigatores say that the book of mormon is true and that joseph smith was a prophet!! Also for P day today we had a barbeque and we played some EFY music and we had a blast hahah. We cooked up a ton of meat with some boys and we all feel sick now hahah. But other than that we just cant stop seeing miracles and I have a strong testimony that the Lord works miracles and if we are obedient and willing to submit to the Lords will he will use us to bless his children and our fellow brethern.

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