Week 5

This week was sooo cool. First off my compañero had to go get his tooth fixed so we got to go outside the walls and we got in a sketchy van with some latinos and we went to a sketchy little dentist office. Me and my compañero are always trying to talk to people so we talked to 5 latinos as they were trying to fix their car. Our broken spanish didn't get us too far. I swear I brought up the restoration a couple of times as I was trying to ask them what their favorite ice cream was. Our driver was pretty mad at us. After the dentist I wanted to see if he could take us to explore Mexico so I asked hime if he could take us to get ice cream and HE FREAKING did. He drove us to this small little hole in the wall shop and we got some ice cream. It's cool cause he told us that he has never done that before so it was super cool. Also this week I got my travel plans!! I head out on Monday which means I arrive in Chile on Tuesday so I'll prosylite all of Tuesday and then have P day on Wendsday so I am so excited. A latino I met  here is from our mission so he was telling us a little about it and it made me want to be there so bad. He tried explaining to me the Purge that happens every September 11 and it was hilarious. He would tell me about the bottles of fire they throw and a the destruction and to me it sounded kinda cool. Well next email is coming from Chile so I can't wait to see what happens.

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