Week 53-lots of progress

Another great week this past week and a really cold one. week we had a huge ward activity that we planned and it was supposed to be really cool and it was supposed to start at 6 but we are in chile so they showed up at 7 and it turned out really well and more than have of those people were less active members and investigatores and all of them came to church on sunday and we raised the sttendance by 20! Other than that we have also been finding a ton of new families and we have seen some major progress with all of them and they all are reading their homework and we have just been super happy with what we are doing here! Also something really cool is that about 4 weeks ago we found a family and we have been teaching the mother more than the father because the father didnt believe in god and he had no desire to do anything that we ask him to do. And last week we felt like we should teach him about prayer and how to pray and the lesson went well and then that same week he left for a week. And we went to go see them yesterday and right when we sat down we saw something different in him and he seemed more happy and then he began to tell us about his trip and he told us that he had to confess something to us. And he said that he was super stressed about the trip and the work that he was doing up there and he said that he had remembered us and about that message we shared and he decided to pray and he said that he felt gods love and help and it really changed his perspective on things and on the church! We then invited them to go to church and they both accepted and the father told us that he now believes in god and wants to really commit with us and accept our teachings and visits so that blew me away and that experience really strengthened my testimony that as long as we keep trying and keep serving others god will do the rest and the the holy ghost can open the hearts of the hard hearted.

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